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October 03, 2003
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Nov. 11, 1997

Nov. 8, 1997

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Some fun things have happened to the Santalady since she went on-line:

Award Winning Musical Santa PC DVD produced using Santa Post Cards from Juelie's private collection 2005

Featured in Rural Montana December 2004 Issue

Juelie is Featured Artist in
For Keeps Winter 2002 Issue

Featured Artist in Dollmaking Magazine December 2000 Issue

Featured as one of the "Top 50 Sites" in New Zealand Net Guide Dec. 23,1999.

Juelie is featured in the Nov/Dec '99 issue of the "Montana Magazine"

Her Santas were featured in Design Digest of New Dehli, India '99.

Home Page of the Week on cable TV in Sao Paulo, Brazil 1-99.

Her "Brief History of Santa" page has been published in Japanese text books and numerous publication around the world.

Her "Saint Nicholas" doll was featured as Photo of the Week Nov. 17-24, 1996 at the Eastern Slovakia -- Slovak and Carpatho-Rusyn Genealogical Research site.

Voice of Israel Jerusalem interviewed and aired a story on Santalady on Dec. 11, 1996.

The Discovery Channel On Line linked Santalady's site to a feature they did on Clement C. Moore the week of Dec. 16, 1996.

The editorial staff of the online magazine The GIST chose Santalady's Antique Post Card page as a featured "Web Pick" for Friday, Dec. 20, 1996.

To date, Santalady has had visitors from 165 foreign countries.

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