Folded Magazine MR and MRS SANTA and the SNOWMAN

Thanks to our friend Audrey of PA, we now have the pattern for Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus. These pieces are "full size". You can just print them off.


4 Reader's Digest books (about the same number of pages per book....remove stiff adverts and stiff pages) -- One 18 dowel rod -- white glue -- red, green and black felt -- red spray paint -- cotton balls -- 4" x 3-1/2" Mr. and Mrs. Santa face -- cardboard for base

You will need four books for the two dolls folded and the first two and last two pages glued together, glue the folded books on the cardboard stand and then spray paint and let dry. After gluing styrofoam egg to back of head you have to cut the dowel rod and fit into the middle of folded books and the egg use a little glue to bottom of egg to help hold it to the books. Their hair is cotton balls glued on and also santa's beard. Mrs. Santa's hand muff is just a cotton ball slightly pulled and glued at the end of arms in center.

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