I hope you enjoy your visit to my "Santa Gallery". These are examples of Santas that have found homes all over the world.


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Santa #26 - Nordic Santa
My sister is the proud owner of this Nordic Santa. He is special to us due to our Norwegian heritage--where the Julenissen rules. His red coat-weight wool robe is trimmed in Grey Persian Lamb. His gown is of grey wool tweed. The sledge is hand-painted to match the colors of the Santa.

Santa #47 - St. Nicholas - Sinterklaas
This St. Nicholas is in the style of the Dutch St. Nicholas--Sinterklaas. His fully lined red wool cape is trimmed in white rabbit fur. His Mitre (hat) is covered with fur and he carries the Crosier (the bishop's pastoral staff). His gown is of vintage lace.

Santa #52 - Woodland Santa (Light Color)
This Woodland Santa was sold by Nieman Marcus. The robe is full length sheepskin with long sheepskin trim. The trim is bedecked with berries, feathers and pinecones. The gown is a rich, deep green velvet, fully line.

Santa #64 - Woodland Santa (Dark Color)
This is yet another Woodland Santa sold by Nieman Marcus. The robe is full length sheared dark brown Karakul. The trim is Angora Goat hair (multicolored). Although not visible in these photos, the Woodland Santas have a nest of bird eggs in the back of the wreaths that adorn their heads. The gown on this Santa is a rich, dark brown velveteen.

Santa #70 - Russian Santa
Still another Woodland Santa sold by Nieman Marcus. The robe is full length Red Fox with a matching Red Fox fur hat. His gown is a cream colored wool. He carries a wicker pack on his back filled with miniature toys and snow shoes.

Santa #79 - Traditional Santa
This is as close to what is referred to today as a "Traditional Santa". His red wool robe is a shortened version and trimmed in white rabbit fur. His gown is also red wool and trimmed on the bottom with white rabbit fur. Likewise, his bell cap is also of matching red wool with white rabbit fur trim. He carries a hand painted rocking horse and sports a pack of toys on his back.

Santa #100 - Fantasy Santa
This unique Santa was sold at Nieman Marcus in 1996. The robe is full length boiled ivory wool with ivory sheepskin trim. The bell cap is also of the boiled wool and ivory sheepskin trim. The gown is an ivory worsted wool, fully lined. His belt is genuine ivory snakeskin. Although not visible, he wears sheepskin boots that match the rest of his outfit.

Santa #129 - Russian Santa
This is a custom Santa for a client that wanted to do something with her Blue Fox coat she didn't care to wear any more. Having a Santa to wear it was the perfect solution for her. The gown is of white linen and is also trimmed with Blue Fox. Austrian Crystals with chains form the closures on the front of his robe. He carried a collectible silver plated Christmas ball.

Santa #130 - Grandfather Frost
This is the first Santa I was commissioned to design from a wedding gown. I was able to take lace from her gown and piece it to give the robe of the Santa a brocade look. I added a large cape and a pill box hat to match the robe. I trimmed it all with an antique looking ecru rabbit fur. The gown is the satin of the wedding gown trimmed on the bottom with the lace from her veil. The lace and button top of the gown is actually one of her sleeves. His boots match the outfit. He carries her grandfather's pocket watch with her sister's ring attached. The brooch at his neckline is from her mother. The angel wears a gown made from a grandmother's handkerchief and is adorned with some of her earrings on the front of the angel's gown. Click here to see more views of this Santa.

Santa #132 - Grandfather Frost
This custom Santa was from the client's 30 year old wedding gown. There was an abundance of lace, so I was able to do another brocade-look. The angel actually incorporates two handkerchiefs, one for the lining and a very lacey one for the top. I made a matching bag for him with white flocked evergreen in it. For decoration, there are two strings of pearls (from her wedding and her mother's wedding) draped on it with family gold nugget charms as ornaments. The little teddy bear was for her teddy bear collection. He is adorned with vintage red crystal jewelry from her grandmother that we did not incorporate into the Santa.

Santa #139 - Grandfather Frost
This Grandfather Frost's robe has an Elizabethan look to it with it's rows of of lace studded with pearls and iridescent sequins and glass beads over the ivory satin. The gown's bottom is adorned with a row of matching lace. The "Christkindl" (angel) has a coordinating gown and has real feathered wings. The staff with the carved horse head gives an enchanted air to the whole affair.

Santa #145 - Woodland Santa
The robe of this Woodland Santa is of sculptured mink with a square bottom at the front (instead of the rounded bottom). It is trimmed with genuine sheepskin and studded with dark hackle feathers, pinecones and berries. The gown is a warm mink colored wool to coordinate with the shade of the sheepskin. He wears warm brown leather boots trimmed in sheepskin. He proudly carries a vintage style teddy bear. He bears a wicker pack of toys on his back and his snowshoes hang from his shoulders, ready for use.

Santa #173 - Dickens Santa
This Santa could have come from the time of Dickens with his cranberry red long coat with cape all trimmed in white rabbit fur. As was the tradition in England, Santa wears a wreath of holly and berries on his head and he holds a garland of the same, ready to trim the tree. He wears an ivory gown that blends with the rabbit trim. About his neck hangs a 2000 Silver and Crystal "Hallmark" mini ornament for those of you that are "Keepsake" collectors.

Santa #176 - Royal Santa
This custom Santa came about as my client had been given a vintage ocelot coat and didn't know what to do with it. What would be more fitting for a "Royal" Santa? So of course it had to be trimmed in genuine mink. The pill box style hat coordinates with the robe. The gown is a chiffon over satin with lace that is beaded with antique beads to coordinate with the robe, also. While my client provided the antique beaded cross, I made a staff with lantern for him to see his way in the dark of night.

Santa #178 - Tzarina's Santa
I have two distinct styles for my Russian Santas, this being the second shown here in my Santa Gallery. This Santa is now closer to home as he resides in Japan. The robe is a sheared, seal dye fur with Blue Fox trim. He wears a matching pill box hat. The satin-like gown is covered with heavy lace and hand beaded with vintage glass beads and pearls. He is delivering a porcelain doll with a matching gown. Although not visible, he has a beaded matching bag on back with clear glass angel and silver and white candy canes.

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