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"El Nino Jesus -- Three Kings " -- Mexico

The following from Maria Alicia Mendoza of Metepec, Mexico:

El Nino Jesus
I just want to tell you I am mexican and I have never heard about black peter but if you want, I can tell you the tradition about santa claus (el nino jesus) and the three kings. There is not a special picture of "el nino jesus" it is just a baby (jesus).

On christmas all the family gets together and have dinner, after that, they exchange gifts and go to bed, "el nino jesus" leaves the presents under the christmas tree while everybody is sleeping so children can get up the next day and find presents for them.

The 5th of january, again all the family joins more or less at 7 o clock at night and eat a "rosca de reyes", with hot chocolate, the "rosca de reyes" is a big cake with little dolls inside it. The tradition says that if the piece of cake you eat, has a baby doll, you have to make "tamales" (a typical food) for all your friends on february 2nd.

After having dinner, children write letters to the "three kings" and leave a shoe near to the christmas tree. The next day, if children have behaved well, they find gifts on their shoes, specially they find mexican wooden toys, covered in china paper but if they have missbehaved, they find a piece of burnt wood in their shoe.

Thank you, Mali!

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