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"Sinterklaas" -- Holland

The following is graciously written for us by Wil Cats Heijns of Ter Aar,
a little village between Amsterdam and Rotterdam:

I will tell you about our Sinterklaas. (I live in Holland)

Half November he arrives with a boat from Madrid. The Dutch television is there also. He comes with many helpers: zwarte pieten. (Black Peters). Over the whole country there are during these weeks parties for the children. Through the chimney he brings candy and cookies. (like pepernoten) And he rides over the roof on his white horse. When I was a child it was usual to say that when you didn't listen, you were taken with Santa to Spain. Nowaday's we don't want to make the children afraid.Some evenings you may put your shoes under the chimney with some food for the horse. Sinterklaas or his helpers fill them with candies or little presents. On December 5th is the real party. Then the childeren (and the others) get the presents. Mostly he also comes to school. I hope you understand my story. I have 4 sons and like to see their happy faces when santa is coming.

Greetings from Holland!

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