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"Svaty Mikulas" -- Czech Republic

The following is from Veronika, a Czech National living in Ireland:

On 5th December St. Nicholas (Svaty Mikulas) visits Czech children in that evening alongside with an Angel and the Devil (Cert). Sv. Mikulas carries a big book with him and reads out which children were good and who wasn't. As a child we would have to sing a song or tell some short or poem. If we were in the good books we got a bag full of fruits, nuts, sweets and other goodies. If we were bad, we got a coal. (Basically in practice all kids got their goodie bag with the few pieces of coal on the bottom.) Also we usually got our Advent Calendar with chocolates as well on that day. devil
Veronika at 5 years old -- 1978 in Prague

santa However the main day for getting your presents is always December 24th (Christmas Eve - "Stedry vecer") in the Czech Republic. You have your Christmas dinner and then you have to wait for "Jezisek" (Infant Jesus) to come with the prezzies and lit Christmas tree. You have to wait for the bell, which was the sign, he was there. Then you ran into the main room and there was that magic - the lit Christmas tree with candles and the presents underneath it.

Thank you, Veronika!

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