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US Santa

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2011 ....again, no Liberty Falls International Santas. Looks like 2008 was the final curtain.
For more history on the Libery Falls International Santas HISTORY of the company, see below the list.

OCTOBER 2010 -- No Liberty Falls International Santas were produced again this year 2010.
Seems to me that they probably have finally quit productions......but that is still just a guess ;o(

OCTOBER 2009 -- A reliable source has made the following statement about the 2009 editions of International Santas:

"It is with regret and disappointment that I should let everyone know there will be NO new issue of International Santas 2009. There is no program with Dillards this year or any other outlet for International Santas other than previous issues on the secondary market. There is, however, another outlet under consideration. In the meantime, hang on to the collection you have and enjoy. There always will be a Santa, somewhere.... "

More of the RECENT HISTORY on the International Santas is found at the end of the list.

SC01 Sinter Klaus Netherlands 1992 1997
SC02 Father Christmas England 1992 1997
SC03 Babouschka Russia 1992 1996
SC04 Star Man Poland 1992 1998
SC05 La Befana Italy 1992 1996
SC06 Santa Claus United States 1992 2004
SC07 Julenisse Scandinavia 1992 1997
SC08 Christkindl Germany 1992 1998
SC09 Samichlaus Switzerland 1993 1999
SC10 Joullupukki Finland 1993
SC11 Pere Noel France 1993 1998
SC12 Grandfather Frost Russia 1993 1998
SC13 Jultomtar/Jultomten Sweden 1993 1998
SC14 Pancho Navidad Mexico 1993 1997
SC15 Kwaanza Africa 1994 1996
SC16 Irish Father Christmas Ireland 1995 2002
SC17 Black Peter Netherlands 1995 1996
SC18 Weihnachtsman Germany 1994 2001
SC19 The Three Magi Spain 1995 2003
SC20 St. Nicolas Austria 1995 1997
SC21 St. Nicolas Czechoslovakia 1996 1999
SC22 Padre Nicholas Brazil 1996 1999
SC23 Nice Old Father China 1996 1998
SC24 St. Nicholas Greece 1996 2000
SC25 Old Nick Belgium 1997 1999
SC26 AA Santa United States 1997 2001
SC27 The First Footer Scotland 1997 2002
SC28 Belsnickle Canada 1997 1999
SC29 Old St. Nick Australia 1997 2001
SC30 Hoteiosho Japan 1997 1999
SC31 Babbo Natale Italy 1998 2005
SC32 Kolyada Russia 1998 2000
SC33 Jola Sveinar Iceland 1998 2001
SC34 Welsh Father Christmas Wales 1998 2002
SC35 Philippino Santa Claus Philipines 1998 2000
SC36 Veijo Pascuero Chile 1998 2000
SC37 Mikulase Slovakia 1999 2001
SC38 Thai Santa Thailand 1999 2000
SC39 Saint Lucia Sweden 1999 2005
SC40 Christkindli Switzerland 1999 2002
SC41 Santa Espana Costa Rica 1999 2000
SC42 Bishop Nicholas of Myra Ukraine 1999 2005
MC01 Mrs. Irish Fr. Christmas Ireland 1999 2003
MC02 Mrs. Santa Claus United States 1999 2003
SC43 Joulupukki Lapland 2000 2004
SC44 Santa Claus Hungary 2000 2002
SC45 Yule Tide Lad Iceland 2000 2002
SC46 Padre Nicholas Portugal 2000 2001
SC47 St. Nicholas Luxembourg 2000 2003
SC48 St. Nicholas Poland 2000 2005
SC49 St. Nicholas Greece 2001 2006
SC50 Knecht Reprecht Germany 2001 2006
SC51 El Nino Mexico 2001 2006
SC52 St. Nicholas Latvia 2001 2003
SC53 New Year' Eve Boy Russia 2001 2003
SC54 St. Nicholas Turkey 2001 2004
SC55 Budelfrau Austria 2002 2004
SC56 Father Christmas Ghana 2002 2004
SC57 Julenisse Norway 2002 2006
SC58 Aunt Airie France 2002 2004
SC59 Eskimo United States 2002
SC60 St. Nicholas Romania 2002 2006
SC61 Irish Santa Ireland 2002 2005
SC62 Patriotic Santa United States 2002
SC63 Santa vrs. Chimney (Sears) United States 2002 2002
SC01LE Sinter Klaus Netherlands Reissue 2002 2002
SC02LE Father Christmas England Reissue 2002 2002
SC03LE Babouschka Russia Reissue 2002 2002
SC04LE Star Man Poland Reissue 2002 2002
SC05LE La Befana Italy Reissue 2002 2002
SC14LE Pancho Navidad Mexico Reissue 2002 2002
SC64 King Wenceslas Bohemia 2003 2005
SC65 Santa Claus New Zealand 2003
SC66 The Three Kings Nicaragua 2003 2007
SC67 Pere Noel French Canada 2003 2007
SC68 Jouluvana Estonia 2003 2007
SC69 Christ Child with Angel Venezuela 2003 2007
SC07LE Julenisse Scandinavia Reissue 2003 2003
SC08LE Christkindl Germany Reissue 2003 2003
SC15LE Kwanzaa Africa Reissue 2003 2003
SC17LE Black Peter Netherlands Reissue 2003 2003
SC30LE Hoteiosho Japan Reissue 2003 2003
SC41LE Santa Espana Costa Rica Reissue 2003 2003
SC70 Christmas Eve Santa (Same as SC63) USA 2004
SC71 Juul Nisse Denmark 2004
SC72 Wren Boy Ireland 2004 2006
SC73 Sveti Miklavz Slovania 2004 2007
SC74 Santa Claus Bulgaria 2004
SC75 Christmas Man Lithuania 2004
SC76 Box Set of 6 (77-83) 2005
SC77 Santa Claus North Pole 2005
SC78 Santa Claus Malaysia 2005
SC79 Papa Noel Louisiana, N.O. 2005 2006
SC80 Santa Grandfather South Korea 2005 2007
SC81 D'yed Moroz Siberia 2005
SC82 Deda Mraz Yuguslavia 2005
SC83 St. Basil Cyrpress 2005
SC84 2006 Collection (85-90) 2006
SC85 San Nicolas Puerto Rico 2006
SC86 Gaghant Baba Armenia 2006
SC87 Father Christmas India 2006
SC88 Father Christmas Monaco 2006
SC89 Father Christmas United Kingdom 2006
SC90 Santa Claus Morocco 2006
SC91 Santa Claus Washington, DC 2007 2007
SC92 Papa Noel Dominican Republic 2007
SC93 St Nicholas Egypt 2007
SC94 Father Christmas Argentina 2007
SC95 Christkindli Liechtenstein 2007
SC96 Santa Claus Newfoundland 2007
SC97 Dun Che Lao Ren Taiwan 2007
SC98 Box of 6 (92 - 97) 2007
SC99 Antarctica Santa 2008
SC100 Galapagos Island Santa 2008
SC101 Jamaica Santa 2008
SC102 Peru Santa 2008
SC103 Tibet Santa 2008
SC104 Venice Santa 2008
SC105 Box of 6 (99-104 International) 2008
SC106 Key West Santa 2008
SC107 Las Vegas Santa 2008
SC108 Maui Santa 2008
SC109 New York Santa 2008
SC110 San Francisco Santa 2008
SC111 San Antonio Santa 2008
SC112 Box of 6 (106 - 111 Regional) 2008

The message board at Liberty Falls closed January 2003, but our good friend Harold
has started a Yahoo group for the International Santa collectors. If you want to be a
part of this group, just click on the link below and sign up:

bowYahoo - Santa Collectors Group


Dear Collectors,

This is a very hard letter for me to write. Because of many factors which I will discuss below, International Resources is going to close its doors on January 31st, 2004.

Starting about three years ago, as most of you know, Dillard's decided to stop carrying Liberty Falls. While they renewed a year later, the damage to our collector base was extensive. This coupled with the weak economy and the continued weakness of the department store industry, has forced us into the position we are now in. Very simply, there is no more money to continue.

We have done our best to try and market the company for sale, and as of now, there are two interested parties. We have told them that we need to know by the end of the month. Certainly if either party decides to purchase us, we will let all of you know.

The decision to have our garage sale was due in two parts. One was because I personally owe the bank a lot of money, and need to try to pay down the debt. The other was for us to try to get as many pieces in collector's hands, without incurring an expense of which we have no money to fulfill. I realize it upset a lot of you, and for that I apologize. If there had been any other way to do it, I would have.

In regards to your orders, the shipment has just arrived and we will fulfill all of those orders this week prior to closing.

I want to thank you for all of your continued support of our company and products. I could not have asked for a more loyal and supportive customer base.

Very Truly Yours,

Laurence A. Stern

10-02-04 -- It appears that the line of International Santas is continuing this year even though the owner sent a message he was going out of business last year. Members of the Yahoo Santa Collector's group have already purchased them at their Dillards store this past week. I have listed the new ones as they were listed on the message board. No one knows for sure what has happened yet, but they are definitely a continuation of the past Santas. When I know more for sure, I will post it here for you to read. BTW.... it appears that the SC63 "Santa in the Chimney" that was distributed only by Sears is now numbered SC70 and called "Christmas Eve Santa". They are extremely similar from what we can tell.

10-03-06 There are actually 7 new International Santas for 2006. The missing SC79 is now released as Louisiana -- Papa Noel (limited to 2006 production ONLY). SC84 Set of six in large box holding six individual boxes --Puerto Rico, Armenia, Indian, Monaco, United Kingdom, Morocco (ONLY AS A SET). Each one is also sold individidually... SC 85 Puerto Rico--San Nicola, SC86 Armenia--Gaghant Baba, SC87 India..Father Christmas, SC 88 Monaco..Father Christmas, SC 89 United Kingdom...Father Christmas, SC 90 Morocco...Santa Claus. These are being sold exclusively by Dillards. If they are not available in your Dillards store, you can order them online at "".

Let me also add that they are nearly impossible to find on the dillards site, so you will need to use their "SEARCH BOX". Put in: 2006 Santa Set to get to the set of 6 Santas and put in: New Orleans to get to the Louisiana Santa. Good Luck!

August 14th, 2007 - Newest information on IR Santas to be released at Dillards for Christmas 2007.........All we know at this time is that Dillards is getting these Santas for 2007: Newfoundland, Argentina, Liechtenstein, Taiwan, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Washington, DC. There are no known SC# at this time. As information becomes available, I will note it right here.....STAY TUNED!

Fall 2007 - Dillards is selling the 2007 line of International Santas at many of their retail stores and on-line. The new Santas are listed at the bottom of the list. I received the following message (11-05-07) from an International Collector that should be of interest to you:

NOTE regarding SC91 -- SC91 is an individually-boxed seventh Santa offering for 2007. (The bottom of the box indicates "Limited Edition", I don't know what this signifies.) People should be alerted to look for this one when they go to buy this year's offerings. I went into our local Dillard's on Saturday to buy, and simply picked up the SC98 boxed set. Of course, I perused the separate display of individually-boxed offerings, but concluded that I had them all. I was wrong. When I got home and consulted my inventory, I found the gap in numbers. I went back to Dillard's the next day, and found *one* SC91 still left on the shelf. (Most of the box sets were gone by then as well, which gratifies me to an extent, it shows there's enough market demand for these to keep going. :) To sum up, folks looking to get this year's offerings should be warned to look for the individually-boxed SC91 and not just pick up the box set alone.

FALL 2008 -- Dillards is now selling the 2008 line of International Santas. The new ones are added to the list. There is a box of 6 "International" Santas and a box of 6 "Regional" Santas. I thought these were supposed to be "International Santas"....I am not so sure about the "Regional" ones.... Many collectors are starting to wonder about the changes in the "collection" recently.

OCTOBER 2009 A reliable source has made the following statement about the 2009 editions of International Santas:

"It is with regret and disappointment that I should let everyone know there will be NO new issue of International Santas 2009. There is no program with Dillards this year or any other outlet for International Santas other than previous issues on the secondary market. There is, however, another outlet under consideration. In the meantime, hang on to the collection you have and enjoy. There always will be a Santa, somewhere.... "

bowYahoo - Santa Collectors Group

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