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kneeling santa
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Kneeling Santa #201 $650 - SOLD

New for 2004 is the "Kneeling Santa". The Santa has a red wool gown with matching short coat trimmed in white rabbit. He wears brown leather boots with white rabbit fur trim. In his hands he reverently hold his matching long bell-hat. He kneels over a wooden manger of straw on which the Baby Jesus is lying. Both Santa and the Baby Jesus have porcelain bisque heads and hands.

Close Up of Kneeling Santa

Close Up of Baby Jesus

poinsettia santa
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Poinsettia Santa #192 $650 - SOLD

Another first in my line of Santas..... This Santa wears a robe of teal-colored poinsettias outlined in metallic gold. I have then hand-quilted each outline of the poinsettias to give it a rich texture along with sewing antique gold glass beads in clusters at the center of each flower. Just look at him from the back. The gown is a deep, dark green wool to compliment the background in the robe fabric. He carries a large golden "Star of Bethlehem" and his hat ends in a golden star-bell. His boots are of the same wool as the gown and trimmed in the ivory rabbit fur, as the robe is.

Close Up

grandfather frost
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Grandfather Frost #201 $950 - SOLD

This is the second of the Grandfather Frosts with the long, elegant train. The robe on this Santa is antique colored lace over a lightly cream satin that has over 25 hours of hand sewn glass beads and iridescent sequins in the pattern of the lace. The train is over 42 inches long and 38 inches across at the widest part. Both the gown and the robe are trimmed with lightly cream colored rabbit fur. The fur trimmed hat is over 23 inches long finished off with a large tassel and glass beads. Of course, he has matching boots and holds a wooden carved horse-head staff that is strung with a garland of glass beads.

pere noel
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Pere Noel #184 $500 - SOLD

This Santa is robed in red coat-weight wool trimmed with white rabbit fur. The large "cape-collar" graces his shoulders with long crimson tassels. The hat is also of matching red wool trimmed with the white fur. The fully-lined gown is of ivory wool. On his feet are the traditional lace-up high-topped ivory leather boots with fur trim. He carries a berry encrusted evergreen wreath with the "White Dove of Peace" perched upon it.

Close Up

st. nicholas
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St. Nicholas #194 $550 - SOLD

The use of this ornate and very early style of stole is also a first in my St. Nicholas line. Turn of the Century post cards show the Dutch St. Nicholas wearing these vestments. The robe of St. Nicholas is coat-weight red wool, completely lined. It is trimmed with white rabbit fur. The white gown is trimmed in delicate lace and silk lined. The high-top boots are of the satin fabric of the stole with fur trim. He stands 25 inches to the to of his fur covered Mitre. He carried the Crosier, the bishop's pastoral staff.

victorian santa
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Victorian Santa #144 $550 - SOLD

Still another first in my line is the use of evergreen for the trim on Santa. The evergreen is encrusted with mauve baby rose buds with tiny ribbons and white baby's breath. A matching wreath encircles his head. The full-length robe is of grey Persian Lamb. On his feet are high-top grey leather boots trimmed in Persian Lamb. His gown is a stunning rose embossed mauve sateen, fully lined. In his arm, he carries the "Christkindl" with feather wings in a matching mauve gown trimmed in lace with pearls.

Close Up

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to see more styles of the Santas I have designed.


Each 25" Santa is signed, dated, numbered and registered. With full cloth body, porcelain features and posable arms, no two Santas are alike. He is built right into his wooden stand for stability. He has lace trimmed bloomers and a net-hoop skirt for undergarments. The fully lined gowns are of silks, woolens, linens and quality fabrics. The robes are either heavy weight wool trimmed with genuine fur or full-length genuine fur. Each Santa has handcrafted leather boots trimmed with matching fur. The prices on my internet site are my "wholesale" prices. My dolls were sold at Neiman Marcus stores for five years in the average range of $1200-$1500.

TO PLACE AN ORDER: <juelie@santalady.com>

Payment Schedule: $150 reserves a particular santa for you. When you have made your final payment plus shipping, I will ship the santa to you via UPS Ground. They arrive in a "Christmas" box that is reinforced to protect him during shipping. You may store him in this box when he is not on display.

REFERENCES: My Duns#900318247 (This is the Dun and Bradstreet number--it was required of me before Neiman Marcus would do business with me....they check out and verify a business's credibility.)

One of my customers has kindly offered to be a reference if you would like to contact her:

Barb Oyster <boyster@attglobal.net >

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