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At the end of 1995, when e-commerce on the WWW was in the infancy stage, as an artist myself, I decided that I would like to have a website. Not knowing the first thing about it, I hired a single page designed. Feeling that I would like to have more control, and not being able to afford the price of web designers, I started to study web site design on my own. Over eight years later and with a lot of experience designing my site and sites for our school system, I started to create sites for others who wanted a presence on the World Wide Web at a reasonable rate.

If you want a site full of "bells and whistles", I am not the web designer for you. I design sites to come up fast, to be artistically tasteful and present the product in a way to catch your immediate attention so that you will want to explore further. No one wants to sit for a long time waiting for a page to load. Because I am "home-based", I do not have a lot of overhead and therefore my prices for webdesign are very reasonable. You will never find a web designer that will give you more personal attention than I will.....just ask any of my clients. If you are interested in more information, please email me at:


The following are some of the sites that I have developed with the assistance of the site owners. If you would like to discuss my web designing, please email any of these site owners:

buttonEarth VideoWorks - Music and Art DVDs, Phoenix, Arizona

buttonBig Sky Wild Life Art - Robert Schlenker - Wild Life Artist, Bozeman, Montana

buttonMontanaSavvy - PNH (Parelli Natural Horsemanship) Endorsed Instructor, Belgrade, Montana

buttonAntique Barn - Gallatin Gateway, Montana

buttonLone Pine Research - Dendrochronology - Bozeman, Montana

buttonZombro Physical Therapy - Bozeman, Montana

buttonMountain Home Collectibles by Katie Knies of Copper Center, Alaska

buttonMountain Feathers Sculptures by Ray Waller of Shelby, Montana

buttonHorizon Communications - 24 Hr. Call Center of Billings, Montana

buttonSureStand - Unique Doll Stands of Witchita Falls, Texas

buttonCompact Tractors of Arizona - Sedona, Arizona

buttonLittle People's Academy - Comprehensive Preschool of Bozeman, Montana

buttonSellers Real Estate Service - Real Estate Sale - Bozeman, Montana

buttonBozeman Macintosh User's Group - Bozeman, Montana

buttonOlde World Santas by the Santalady of Bozeman, Montana




I am very fortunate to be able to recommend an ISP (Internet Service Provider) that is a leader in electronic commerce and technology--Internet Connect Serivces. Not only do they provide the best in technical support but they are extremely reasonable, too.

So if you have any questions or are interested in having me design your website,
Please email me at: <webdesign@santalady.com>

Recognition for creativity and
excellence on the World Wide Web
Golden Web Awards Presented by the International Association
of Web Masters and Designers. The Golden Web Award is presented quarterly
to those sites whose web design and content have achieved levels of
excellence deserving of recognition.

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