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This Back to Back Game was sent to me by "SHUNA" from my Santa Bulletin Board

Two people sit back to back. One person is given an object,e.g. a kitchen whisk or a small ornament, and the other given paper and pencil. Without revealing what the object is, the person with the object has to decribe to the person drawing it what they have to draw. i.e. draw an oblong at the top left hand corner. Now draw a straight line diagonally across the page etc etc

What the final picture ends up like will depend entirely on how well the person describes and how the other person interprets the instructions! Often hilarious results,however!

One year we had a friend who fancied himself as being rather good at this game and as he was bragging a bit, we played a joke to take him down a peg or two. When it was his turn to describe, the 'artist' receiving the instruction looked over his shoulder to see what it was so that he could make a perfect copy of it. When the 'describer'saw the completely accurate final picture of the little soldier christmas tree ornament he had been describing, he boasted about how wonderful he was at describing and couldn't understand why we were all laughing, until we finally revealed it!! He took it in good part, though.

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