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This Box Game was sent to me by "M. Krainak" from my Santa Bulletin Board

One of our favorites we call "The Box Game".

Wrap up a small gift (possibly a CD, tape or candy)

Then wrap this box in a succession of larger boxes.

Use DUCT tape for the wrapping.

Don't tell anyone about the layers of boxes.

Get a pair of dice and a 9" x 13" baking pan to roll them in.

Get a coat, a pair of oven mitts, a scarf and a hat.

Get everyone in a circle and put the box in the middle.

Choose a number to roll for a person to get a chance at opening the box (it is best to start with a rare number (like four) and move to a common number like seven)

Begin rolling the dice. Each person gets one roll then passes the dice.

When someone rolls the number of choice (again it is best to start with a less probable number "4" and later change the rules to more common number "7")

They have to:

Put on all the clothes (coat, hat, scarf, mitts) and try to open the box.

They only get to try until a new person rolls the same number.

We've had more fun with this game than you can imagine.

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