This Christmas Card Game was sent to me by "DEB" from my Santa Bulletin Board

For one game that's always popular in my family, you'll need 2 decks of cards and 6 to 8 small inexpensive unwrapped gifts or "prizes" such as a half-dollar coin, a small block of postage stamps, pen, knick-knack, comb, etc. placed on a central table or stool. Shuffle each deck well. Distribute one deck as evenly as possible among the participants. Now one-by-one, call out the cards in your hand. The person who has that particular card may select one prize from the table. Other players must note well who takes which prize. Once they have made their choice, they should try to keep the prize hidden on their person. Continue until all the prizes are distributed. Now comes the fun part. Keep calling off the cards and the person who has the next card must try to remember who has what prize. If they want the stamps and know Ken has it, they must indicate this by stating "Ken, I'll take the stamps." or something to that effect. Ken must then give the stamps to that person. Ken could also win them back later if he is lucky enough to remember who has them. If a player "misses" by incorrectly matching a prize to a player, he forfeits that turn. Play continues until all cards have been called. Whoever end up with a prize gets to keep it.

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