3. Where the elves build your presents.
6. Claus.
7. It hangs "by the chimney with care."
8. No two are just alike.
10. What Papa flew away to "like a flash."
12. It hangs on the front door.
13. Santa's nose is "like" one.
18. Holiday treats made with candied fruit, flour, sugar, eggs, and butter.
19. A name for Christmas.
20. A Christmas plant with red berries.
21. He went with Mary to Bethlehem.


1. Where Santa, Mrs. Claus, their reindeer, and all the elves live.
2. Hot
4. A favorite Christmas present that you have to love and feed.
5. Sticky, , stickiest.
9. Santa is known by this saint's name.
11. Jesus was this on the first Christmas.
14. Where the "reindeer pause."
15. Donder is one.
16. Another name for Christmas.
17. Dwelling in which Christ was born.

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