This WHITE ELEPHANT $5 DICE GAME was sent to me by "David" from my Santa Bulletin Board

This has been a tradition at my parents house for about 8 years now, each year the rules change a littleÖ so I will Give the Basic idea behind it:

You will need
a. Each a $** Gift wrapped (we always say $5 but whatever)
b. Approximately 6 6-sidded Dice
c. And a big table to play around
d. And of course good holiday Cheer!
e. A Time keeping device

1. Pile all the Gifts into the center of the table.
2. Someone starts the rolling of all 6 dice - your goal is to get 3 of a kind (maybe 4, depending on how lucky this group is.)
3. When you get the magic number than you get to select from the pile and open the gift or if there is a gift out already you can make a steal, and the person that you stole the item from than gets to select a new item from the pile.
4. Once all the gifts are out, than start the timer for lets say 5 min. and start the rolling.
5. You may pass if you like what you have, but if you roll and you get 3-of-a-kind (or whatever it is) Than you MUST trade with someone.
6. After that time is up take it to a vote on how many people want to stick with what they have or continue to roll.
7. If the majority votes to stay than stay if you want, we donít let it to stop for a few rounds.
8. With every passing round you can make it harder to get the combo like you have to get 3 out of 5 or whatever.
9. Play until the majority of the people are happy


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