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This Draw on Your Head Game was sent to me by "CATHY" from my Santa Bulletin Board

Heres a fun game we like to play. We assign a GameMaster (& a TravelMaster,DessertMaster, etc. so one person doesn't end up doing all the work) Anyway, every year the GameMaster is in charge of coming up with a couple of games that everyone can play. This a fun one because it doesn't matter if your participants are 5 or 85. Everyone places a TV tray or large book on their head with a piece of blank paper on it. They each have a marker (you can even add a page of christmas stickers for each person. The GameMaster then gives a series of instructions. Without looking, the participants draw onto their page, which is over their head. For example the GameMaster would say "Draw a Christmas Tree. Draw a star on top of your tree. Draw a Fireplace. Stick a stocking sticker on the mantel of your fireplace." and so on... Then when the GameMaster calls the game.. everyone removes their pictures from their heads. It can be pretty funny to see what you have drawn. The Gam! eMaster offers points for random hits. For example, 2 points for every line that crosses, 1 point if your stocking is touching your mantel, 1 point if your star touches your tree. 1 point for every christmas ball that is ON your tree, etc. The winner is then the person with the most points. It is fun because the 5 year old is as likely to win as grandpa. We then offer a prize that anyone would like no matter their age, like a giant tin of cashews or a box of chocolates.

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