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This Hum That Carol Game was sent to me by "NATALIE" from my Santa Bulletin Board

One game we play at different occasions is an ice breaker. Write Christmas songs on slips of paper (2 of each song). Then put as many pairs of songs as you have pairs of people in a bag. Let each person draw a slip of paper out not showing it to anyone. Instruct the people that they are to begin humming the song on their slip of paper when you say "go". The object of the game is to locate the other person humming the same song that you are humming. When the partners find each other they hold hands and begin to sing the words to their song! They win the prize! It's great fun with a large group. Make sure you spread everyone around the room to begin with and mix up the slips really good. Have fun! p.s.for a baby shower we did this and used children's songs, ladies church group used old hymns, etc.

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