This Christmas Morning Gift Exchange Game was sent to me by "ALICE" from my Santa Bulletin Board

Every year my children are getting older and when they stop believing, opening gifts on Christmas morning just looses something. So to keep it fun and interesting for all I try to do something different every year. This year I have decided not to put anyone's name on the presents. Instead I have chosen to go with answers to Christmas questions.

Ex..The to: person on the present would be North Pole. That's it nothing else.

Then in a bowl I have the person's name to which the present belongs to with a Christmas question. (This includes the Mom & Dad)

Where does Santa Claus live?

They would then need to look under the tree to find the present with the correct answer and that would be their present.

I thought if anyone else is looking for a way to prolong Christmas morning just a bit. This is a fun way plus the kids really enjoy it as well as I do. (It's more of a challenge for them) Plus they can't figure out what you have gotten them for Christmas by shaking the presents because they do not know which ones are theirs.

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