This Parenthood Survival Kit was sent to me by "MY DEAREST FRIENDS PAM AND KEVIN"

This was sent to me at graduation time, but I think it would make a great Christmas gift to give any "Parents".

You will need to get:

1 small zip-lock bag
1 eraser
1 marble
1 rubber band
1 Hershey's Kiss
A piece of string
1 LifeSaver Candy
Print out the Survival Kit Text as seen below:


An eraser to make all your
mistakes go away.
A marble, in case someone says, "Have
you lost all your marbles?"
When you have extended yourself as far as you
can go, try stretching the elastic.
Use this kiss whenever you have the
urge to tell someone to "Kiss Off".
A string, to tie things together when
everything falls apart.
If you see someone sinking, offer
them a Lifesaver.
After all this . . . give yourself a hug!

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