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This I Packed Santa's Bag was sent to me by "KRIS" from my Santa Bulletin Board

I have a game we played when I was a kid, and I will be "bringing it back" this year. It's called "I Packed Santa's Bag" . Sit with your group around the room...so everyone can see one another. The first person starts by saying "I packed Santa's bag and in it I put...", then they say what they put in there. Such as a teddy bear. Or in the case of 10 years olds...Santa's bag might be packed with a toilet, or boogers. Anyway...you get the idea. You can pack Santa's bag with anything. So the first person says their item, then the next person goes...they say "I packed Santa's bag and in it I put a teddy bear, and a fruitcake..." The third person says "...a teddy bear, a fruitcake, and a TV". And so on. Each person must say everything that was packed before and add their thing. This can go on for quite a while.   You will find it amazing how many things you can remember...we would end up looping around the room several times. If you miss, you are out.

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