This Christmas Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt was sent to me by "DANA" from my Santa Bulletin Board

I came up with this scavenger hunt for my High School Dance Team's Christmas party and we've done it for the past few years. They have a blast, get plenty of exercise while running to find everything faster than the other groups, and it gets them out of the house for a little bit so you can set up dessert, the gift exchange, or the next game. Be sure to have a prize for everyone on the winning team, and be prepared for a tie, just in case. Only play this if you are in a nice, safe residential area, since it involves runnng across the street alot, and keep the kids in groups of at least three for safety's sake. My favorite part is eating the fudge they've collected!

All groups must return by this time: ___________

The group with the most items wins. If groups tie, the group done first wins.
Supplies needed: this list, grocery bag, watch, pen Time needed: 30 mins.

_______ 1 holly leaf, real or artificial

_______ 1 piece of wrapping paper with a snowman on it

_______ 3 strands of silver tinsel

_______ 1 yellow Christmas tree light

_______ 1 metal ornament hook

_______ 1 pinecone

_______ 1 small piece of tree garland

_______ 1 mistletoe leaf

_______ 1 sticky gift tag w/ backing still attached

_______ 1 red poinsettia flower

_______ 1 chocolate gold coin

_______ 1 package of dry hot cocoa drink mix

_______ 1 piece of chocolate fudge

_______ 1 tablespoon of eggnog in a zip-lock baggie

_______ 1 piece of green, curled ribbon

_______ 1 homemade Christmas cookie

_______ 1 picture of a nativity scene

_______ 1 piece of coal

_______ 1 candy cane

_______ 1 silver jingle bell

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