Christmas magic doesn't always happen in movies.
It happened here at our house this Christmas 2008.

My grandson, Aaron (just turned 7) has been struggling with "Is Santa Real?". Last year he was sure Santa was a fake because he had seen the wrapping paper in the closet that was on his presents from Santa and had seen the candy canes (weird colored ones) at my house that his Daddy said Santa had put on his Christmas tree. We just were not careful enough and this little bugger is really "sharp"!

A week before Christmas this year, I told Aaron he should probably sit down and write his letter to Santa. We had some "kindergarten" lined paper we had scanned on the computer last year that he wanted to use....but he had to "decorate" it. We went to my website to see the Christmas images that I let people use and he picked out three Santas, a Santa nutcracker, and some bells and holly. In Photoshop, no less, he designed his special paper for his letter to Santa. Using his best penmanship (and lots and lots of erasing and rewriting), he wrote the following letter to Santa:

Dear Santa:

For Christmas I want 2 walkie talkies, a nutcracker soldier,
and a star if you can catch one while you are flying in your sleigh.

I like you, Santa! from: Aaron 7 yrs

Well, needless to say, that put Gram in a "spin"....where was I going to find something "over-the-top" enough to be a star that Santa would bring? When I could finally go out to the mall without him tagging along, I looked high and low. A couple jewelry stores had some shinny "star-like" things that they both gave me right out of their display windows when they heard of my dilemma. But it still wasn't quite right. I got to the last store in the mall (Macy's) and the young man said, "I think I have just what you are looking for." It was a clear, leaded glass, star-shaped paper weight. It was about 3 inches from top to bottom and about 1 inch thick. It was faceted to give off a rainbow of color as you turned it about in the light. (It was even 50% off ;o) It came in a black box with white satin lining so that the star sat down in the satin in the shape of the star. Then I decided that it would be extra special if Aaron was to get a letter from Santa with his "star". I made a desperate call to a dear writer friend, Terry, who said he would love the challenge of creating this special letter. He wrote it out in "long hand" because I told him that was the only way our little "sleuth" would believe it really was from Santa!

On Christmas morning, Aaron had gotten his other two presents from Santa at his Daddy's house and when he got to my house, he told me that Santa forgot his star ;o(

I had him playing Santa, handing out the presents. I had hidden his present from Santa way at the back behind the other presents and behind the trunk of the tree. It was not hidden from sight, but was not visible until all the other presents had been disbursed. He spied it back there and was so excited to see that the envelope was addressed to him from "Santa". Of course he wanted to open the box first (I didn't wrap it), but I told him that if Santa wrote him a letter, he should read that first. He tried to get everyone's attention to hush up so he could have it read out loud......after all, this was very important to him and he wanted everyone to hear it. Everyone else were adults and more interested in their own conversations, which hurt his feelings. Finally, everyone realized he was serious about this. He read the first sentence to everyone, then turned to me and asked me to finish reading it.

Dear Aaron:

Thank you for the nice letter.

I was overcome with fond memories when you mentioned catching a star for you. I have my own star, the North Star, named Polaris. You can see it in the clear winter sky above my home at the North Pole.

Did you know that there are enough stars in the sky for every boy and girl on earth to have one? But each star is an important part of a picture they make in the sky. The pictures are called constellations. To capture a star and take it out of the sky would alter those beautiful pictures.

Many years ago, I commissioned my trusted elf Calaphat to make perfect copies of the most beautiful stars.

He made a replica of my star, Polaris, "The North Star". The star is a symbol of stability and guidance. It always shines above my home at the North Pole. Calaphat had also captured a rainbow and made it a part of the star as a symbol of hope.

I am giving one of these stars to you.

On a clear winter night, you can have your grandmother help you find Polaris in the sky. You can hold your star up and cover Polaris with it. You will see they are exactly the same.

Thank you again, Aaron,

Merry Christmas - - - - - - - Santa

Aaron was facing straight ahead with me to his side. He was really concentrating on what I was reading, but when it got to the spot where Santa said, "I am giving one of these stars to you".....his head "snapped" around to me and his eyes were as big as silver dollars!! When I finished reading, he carefully opened the box and was ecstatic!! He really was in "awe"!!! He took the star around for everyone else to see and held it up to find the rainbow. As he was getting ready to go home again with his Daddy, he ran over to his star. He held it up to his cheek and said, "See Gram, Santa even made it cold, like at the North Pole!" He decided to keep it at Gram's house as that is where he is most of the time and so we can hold the star up over "Polaris"!

So does he "believe"?
You bet your boots he does!!
This is truly a child of "magic".

Juelie McLean © 12-26-2008

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