Unto us a child is born; unto us a Son is given! Wonderful Counselor! Mighty God! Our Prince of Peace! On this Christmas Day and for the remainder of my life, is there any greater gift I could receive?

For Who, but You, gives eternal life to me? Who, but You, loves me wholly just for me? Who, but You, heals my soul and sets me free? No one. No one, but You!

And who, but You, always intercedes for me? Who, but You, supplies everything I need? Who, but You, would die solely just for me? No one. No one, but You!

For You are God. You're my Provider. You're my Healer, Comfort, Shelter. You're my Rock and I'm covered by Your hand. You're my Savior, my Deliverer. You are my dearest friend. For every need I have, You are I AM.

What a Christmas present! What a perfect gift! Thank you, Lord, for being all I need. Help me to remember what this season's all about: there IS no greater gift than You for me!

--Cheri Henderson

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