This Guess Who I Am was sent to me by "CLAUDIA" from my Santa Bulletin Board

On a name tag write down a theme or somthing to do with Christams

Example: French Hen

Write it on the name tag fold it in half tape or use a fancy color star sticker. You can use all different themes about Christmas another one: Tinsel - Eggnog - Gingerbread House -etc.

As the Guests arrive have them draw from a Santa Hat one of the folded name tags. They are who or what is written on the name tag.

As the people walk around or even at a Christmas Party luncheon. Have everyone break conversation and try and guess who they are, once they guess, the person has to stick the name tag on them to show they have been guessed.

This can be done at any party for any theme. And it starts up conversation and it gets pretty halarious once it starts, and people even try two word conversation as not to make it too easy on guessing who they are.

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