Santalady's Victorian Christmas GIFs

"Santalady's Victorian Christmas GIFs"

Welcome to Santalady's Victorian Christmas GIFs. The Santalady has painted each one of these gifs and they are a "gift" to you if you have a "non-commercial" site in which you would like to use them. Please copy these gifs, you must not link to this page. (Commercial sites are not permitted to use my images.)

She requires that you give her credit for creating the images and link back to her site .... .... (on the page which the images are used) in exchange for the use of her images. She would also appreciate a note from you giving the URL on which you used them. She enjoys seeing how people use her images ;o)

Here is an example to use for the credit and linking:

<P><CENTER><B><FONT SIZE=-1>The Christmas Images courtesy of <A HREF="">the Santalady</A></FONT></B></CENTER>

People (who provide graphics collections on their sites for others to use)
may NOT include my images in their collections due to misuse. My images are for decorative use on personal pages ONLY!

These gifs have been painted by Juelie and are copyrighted.

Thank you....and Enjoy!


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